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    Fuck Yeah 2 Years Sober


      Available in the following scents:

      Sea Breeze

      A burst of citrus collides with the tantalizing scent of star anise. A complex heart of lavender, cedarwood & jasmine petals sweep throughout the heart. Hinted notes of patchouli, crushed rosemary & oakmoss create a signature, balanced aroma.

      • Top Notes: Orange Zest, Star Anise
      • Mid Notes: Cedarwood, Jasmine
      • Base Notes: Patchouli, Rosemary Sprigs, Oakmoss
      Comfort Spice

      A fall celebration of brown sugar and cinnamon sticks join on top. A shimmer of lemon is blended with vanilla extract & pralines. White cedarwood & musk add to the finishing touches.

      • Top Notes: Brown Sugar, Cinnamon Sticks
      • Mid Notes: Vanilla, Pralines, Lemon Zest
      • Base Notes: Cedar, Musk
      Vanilla Bean

      A delight of citron zest & vanilla bean are introduced. A bold spice heart compliments throughout this aroma. Warm undertones of tonka bean & whipped cocoa complete this delectable fragrance.

      • Top Notes: Citron, Vanilla Bean
      • Mid Notes: Cinnamon, Clove
      • Base Notes: Tonka, Whipped Cocoa

      Our candles are created in the USA & ship from New England using a 100% natural soy wax blend. Candles are labeled and shipped on demand.

      Additional Information:

      • 7.5 oz. candle
      • Glass vessel
      • Average burn time 50-60 hours
      • 100% natural soy wax blend
      • 100% cotton wick
      • Non-toxic. Contains no lead, plastics, parabens synthetic dyes, or phthalates