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      Pop it. Prop it. Never drop it.

      The perfect way to show off your Recovery Pride while enjoying the extra benefits!
      ☞ A secure grip so you easily can text or snap photos with one hand.
      ☞ Watch videos, FaceTime, Zoom, and skype on the fly.
      ☞ Carry your phone and other things at the same time.
      ☞ Use it as an earbud management system.
      ☞ You’ll never drop your phone on your face again.

      Please Note:
      ☞ Any adhesive has trouble sticking to things that are designed to repel adhesive, such as silicone, leather, textured or waterproof cases.
      ☞ Sticks best to smooth hard plastic cases. While it will stick to the iPhone 11 it will NOT stick to iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max without a suitable case.
      ☞ When your grip is not in use, it's important to collapse it down before putting your device away.
      ☞ Actual colors may vary due to computer/device screen settings. Everyone sees colors a little differently.

      *At Recovery Swag, we pride ourselves on being a low-to-no waste company by carrying low-to-no stock. We create your order just for you. By doing this, we can keep excess items out of the landfill and oceans.


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