Recovery Swag began percolating in 2000, when I attended the International AA Convention in Minneapolis, MN.  I was 5 years sober, still young, having come to the tables while in high school, and looking for some cool AA Merch.  I saw the typical slogans in old english font, some shirts with plain, bold aa sayings, and a few trinkets and buttons.  I wanted something "cooler" that I, as a college kid, could wear, that would still rep my AA pride.  Shortly after that, I started mulling over what was missing....

Fast forward to 2008, when the first edition of Recovery Swag was launched.  I was a nerdy graphic and web designer.  I started the site with a few designs on several products and it started to take off.  The other business I was a partner in exploded and I had to put Recovery Swag on the back burner.  It has been simmering, trickling, for several years.  Now that life has stabilized, I can finally bring Recovery Swag back to where it should have been years ago.  

Recovery Swag
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Since 2008