Our Story

Recovery Swag began percolating in 2000, when I attended the International AA Convention in Minneapolis, MN. 

I was 5 years sober, still young, having come to the tables while in high school, and looking for some cool AA Merch.  I saw the typical slogans in old english font, some shirts with plain, bold aa sayings, and a few trinkets and buttons.  I wanted something "cooler" that I, as a college kid, could wear, that would still rep my AA pride.  Shortly after that, I started mulling over what was missing....

Fast forward to today!

Recovery Swag has been a favorite stop for unique, funny, and downright great 12 step related art and designs.  Running from funny & sassy, to elegant & beautiful, all of our work is done by by people in the recovery world.  We live, breathe, and work recovery.

Recovery Swag
Designed by folks in recovery for folks in Recovery.
Since 2008


Minneapolis AA Convention 2000